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My name is Isidro Mejia Cordero.  I was born in La Romana, Dominican Republic, 15 May of 1953.

The family's financial situation was bad off, so I had to work from age 10 to help my parents with the expenses of the home and to attend school.    I graduated as an authorized public accountant at the "Central del Este" university.

For over 30 years I worked as manufacturing manager, university profesor and I had my own business.

In 1975 I married  Luz Nereyda de Leon  (Lucy) with whom I fathered a daughter, Keren , and three  children, Ephel, Isaac and Esau. God blessed me with a wonderful family.

In 1976 I received Christ as my Savior and from the beginning I began to preach the Gospel and to feel an indescribableneed to serve others,

In 2005 I was sent as a pastor to one of the of the poorest neighborhoods in the city, "Barrio George".   For 12 years

I have been working with hundreds of children in this community, where I have learned to seek Jesus, each day, in the needy.

This is my life’s journey.  My greatest joy is loving and serving Jesus.

God bless



Welcome to CHAT!  God has called us to serve the King in the DR 25 years ago. God has partnered us with Isidro Mejia for Kingdom work. CHATacademy is 'loving on purpose'! CHAT academy provides transformation! CHAT blessings begin in the belly that transform into community. Please join us by 'loving on purpose'.

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